Terms & Conditions


  • Terms and Conditions are Subject to Change Without Notice.
  • Estimates are valid for 90 days.
  • Terms of payment are net 45 days. New clients may require a 50% deposit or provide a credit app to activate a response.
  • All services provided are charged portal to portal unless otherwise noted.
  • All work is estimated for completion during regular business hours. The maximum allowable workday, including travel time is 12 hours or per diem costs may apply. Unless otherwise noted or subject to a collective agreement, crew hours will be charged at an overtime rate after 8.5 hours per day.
  • All private and public locates must be always present at all work sites. Expired locates are NOT acceptable.
  • Landshark is not responsible for any cracks or damage to customer’s property that may result in the use of Landshark equipment, or it’s designated Sub-Contractors.
  • Landshark assumes no liability for additional costs due to delays by others, site meetings, scope changes or additional work as may be required to carry out the functions as detailed in the project estimate. In the event additional costs are incurred, which are not directly the responsibility of Landshark, including any direct and indirect costs associated with the delay will be added to the cost of the project accompanied with the supply of supporting documentation.
  • In the event it becomes necessary for Landshark to turn this matter over to its attorney or a collection agent for collection, customer agrees to pay for all collections fees, attorney fees and court costs including the time expense of Landshark Employees to collect and prepare such documents as it is incurred for such collection.
  • A lien may be placed on the subject property for non-payment, for which a $1,000.00 charge will be made to defray the cost of such filing.
  • All non-standard or new clients must provide a 50% upfront deposit payment before services are scheduled. Client further agrees that it shall be 100% liable for Landsharks’ costs for any activities provided where the client requests Landshark to invoice a third party and funds are not paid within 60 days of invoice.
  • Mobilization and Demobilization charges are applied daily, and rates will vary depending on equipment and staffing.
  • If the scope of work is changed on quoted jobs, the project will be charged at our regularly posted rates.
  • Unless otherwise noted, any special PPE or training that is required shall be over and above the project estimate costs.
  • Any non-standard billing practices including in-direct billing can only be made prior to commencement of work activities.
  • Landshark reserves the right to add, modify or delete any Terms or Conditions without notification.
  • Upon acceptance of an estimate, the provision of a P.O.# or the scheduling of a project, the client is deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Landshark Drilling

  • Unless otherwise noted, drilling projects will be subject to a minimum charge of 8 hours.
  • A Fuel and Energy Fee of 5% will be charged on all invoices to a maximum of $300.00/day subject to change with Federal Carbon Tax Increases.
  • Where cluster well records would be supplied, additional charges will apply when single well records are requested.
  • Soil cutting and water drums are for temporary storage only. It is the responsibility of the client and/or property owner to remove/dispose of them unless otherwise arranged thru Landshark. Client holds Landshark Drilling Inc., its employees, affiliates, and principles harmless in the event of drum failure or leakage, however caused, without limitation including any environmental impairments.
  • In the event flowing sands or artesian wells are encountered, the client will be charged at time and material for all associated costs. Landshark Drilling Inc. cannot guarantee quoted production rates in these scenarios.
  • Drilling estimates are based on assumed production rates and the client acknowledges that many factors affect the rate of production. All projects will be invoiced on actual time and material spent on site.
  • Any tooling lost or damaged, however incurred, may be added on to the drilling invoice at a rate of cost plus 20%.
  • Flat rate day charges for Geoprobes may apply at the discretion of Landshark Drilling Inc.
  • A Decontamination Charge of $500.00 will be charged at the end of each job for tooling and equipment cleaning.
  • Any cancellation of a drill booking may result in cancellation fees of the booked days and a minimum of 5 business days is required for any cancellation.
  • By accepting an Estimate and booking with Landshark Drilling, you are giving approval that if the landowner information or consent form is not provided by the completion of the job, Landshark can submit our “Client” contact information in the Landowner section of the well record submission to the MECP.

Landshark Environmental

  • Unless otherwise noted, crew hours will be charged at an overtime rate after 8.0 hours.
  • Job cancellation must be 48 hours in advance. Any cancellations within this period MAY result in a cancellation fee.
  • A Fuel and Energy Fee of 9% will be charged on all invoices.
  • All waste will be subject to analysis at the receiving location. Any waste not as represented may be subject to additional transport and disposal costs whatever that may be. Ownership of the waste is NOT accepted by the disposal facility or Landshark until the full cost of disposal has been made.

Landshark Hydro-X

  • Unless otherwise noted, crew hours will be charged at an overtime rate after 8.0 hours.
  • A Fuel and Energy Fee of 9% will be charged on all invoices.
  • It is assumed a disposal site is located near the project site and travel to and from the disposal site is part of the projects billable time.

Landshark Locates

  • Accurate locates may request access to adjacent property and building information to facilitate comprehensive utility locating services. This may include the below items.
    • As-Built Drawings: The client acknowledges that to perform precise utility locating, Landshark may require access to As-Built drawings or blueprints relevant to the property in question.
    • Access to Adjacent Properties or Buildings – where utility lines or systems extend beyond the client’s property boundaries or originate from adjacent properties or from within a building on the client’s site: Landshark may request permission to access adjacent properties or buildings to accurately trace and map buried utilities.
    • Termination of Services: Landshark reserves the right to suspend or terminate locating services if the client fails to provide the requested information or access to adjacent properties/buildings necessary for accurate utility locating cannot be provided.
  • all work estimated with a Per Diem and then booked, 48 hours’ notice of cancellation will be required or a minimum charge of $350.

Landshark Traffic

  • Unless otherwise noted, Traffic projects will be subject to a minimum 4-hour on-site time.
  • Travel is an estimate and actual time to and from the activation location to site will be calculated on an actual time incurred basis.
  • ALL traffic controls are set per the Ministry of Transport Ontario Reg. Book 7 requirements. Estimates are based on the information provided by client and are subject to change if traffic conditions require it.
  • A Fuel and Energy Fee of 9% will be charged on all invoices.