Our Team

Paul Catton

Landshark Group General Manager and a Principal of the Landshark Group

Paul Catton is a seasoned drilling professional with over three decades of experience in the Geothermal, Geotechnical, Environmental, and Water Well Drilling industries. Recently taking on the roll as General Manager of the Landshark Group, Paul continues in a dual roll as the Vice President of Landshark Drilling as well.

Bringing an irreplaceable amount of drilling experience to the Landshark Team, Paul has also excelled at understanding market trends and bringing technical expertise based on proven experience to every project task presented to us. Paul has proven that providing a higher more technical results-oriented focus results in greater productivity and superior results.

Dr. Brenda Gough

Landshark Group Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Brenda brings years of Veterinary practice startup and entrepreneurship to the Landshark Group. Having started and developed several veterinary practices during her career, Dr. Brenda has consistently demonstrated her ability to develop and implement systems and processes to Landsharks rocketing growth.

Dr. Brenda’s love of management and team building has fostered a culture of mentoring and team spirit to grow our administration team to meet the growth demands of the Landshark Group of Companies.

Dean Gough

Founder of the Landshark Group and President

Dean is a lifelong entrepreneur beginning his journey at 18 years of age in small town Northern Ontario. Focusing on trade related industries he has an innate ability to differentiate himself in competitive environments and competing on service and not price.

Dean prides himself on taking an open vision approach to business and focusing on culture and service to differentiate the Landshark Group from its competitors and delivering meaningful client experiences.

Deans Favorite Quote;

“Division and differentiation are the processes by which things are created” – Lieh-tzu

Evan Herman

Project Coordinator

While Evan’s role with Landshark is estimating and project coordination, he is primarily consulting with clients to gather information for planning each project to ensure that the work is completed as designed. For the past decade he has worked in the geotechnical and mining industries in various drilling, pile driving and technical field positions; including geophysical mineral exploration and civil insitu-monitoring.

Prior to joining the Landshark team in 2023, he graduated from the GBC School of Business, marking his 3rd diploma in 10 years which includes Fleming College in 2012 for Resources Drilling and in 2016 for Geological Technician. With considerable experience working in mines in every province and territory in Canada, as well as internationally; from Peru to Utah.

Shawn Hofstee

Manager of Landshark Locates and a Principal of the Landshark Group

Shawn Hofstee has been in the utility locating profession for nearly 25 years, completing both, public utility locates working for utility locate providers and private utility locating. As a dedicated damage prevention specialist, Shawn has committed his career to providing a safe work environment. A standard and level of professionalism he holds his entire team accountable too daily.

Shawn has brought this knowledge and skill set to Landshark where he now manages the Landshark Group Locating Division. His back ground in utility locates and solid understanding of buried infrastructure benefits our clients and all our divisions at Landshark.

Promoting a culture of safety and accountability, Shawn has become a leading member of the Landshark Group Management Team.

Trevor Kolybaba

Manager of Hydro-X and Environmental Services and a Principal of the Landshark Group

Trevor Kolybaba boasts a dynamic work history in the hydro-excavation industry starting his journey over 25 years ago where he swiftly embraced hydro-excavation improving upon the techniques and safety protocols. Honing his skills and contributing to significant critical projects with precision and expertise, Trevor has earned a reputation of knowledge and professionalism known throughout the industry.

With Trevor’s move to Landshark in a senior Management and Ownership role, the Landshark Group has experienced tremendous growth while cultivating a senior/junior mentorship culture with remarkable results. With a trailblazing attitude, Trevor consistently delivers upon a commitment to innovation and proficiency in hydro-excavation.

John Riggs

Manager of Traffic Services and a Principal of the Landshark Group

John Riggs is a retired Seargent of the Ontario Provincial Police where he had a distinguished 32-year career including 15 years assigned directly to the Provincial Government where he handled logistics and security for the Office of the Premier. This position took John all over the world working with outside agencies and governments to provide security and logistics for members of Queens Park.

John has brought this knowledge and skill set to Landshark where he now manages the Landshark Group Traffic Division. Utilizes those skills earned in policing to problem solve and work with clients to meet their project needs and ensuring a safe environment for working crews and the travelling public.

Ken Storey


Ken is a Certified Professional/Management Accountant and Business Analyst with over 30 years of private and public entity accounting/management experience. He brings a solid background of international financial expertise, operational and business experience to Landshark Group, including financial reporting, acquisitions, strategic planning, treasury, restructuring and risk management.

Prior to joining Landshark Group, Mr. Storey held senior financial positions in several private and publicly traded, international companies, and joined the Landshark Group in 2022 bringing experience and knowledge to the organization, to contribute to the next level of growth and continued success.

John Theurer

Manager of Business Development and a Principal of Landshark Group

John is a determined problem solver and creative thinker working extensively within the environmental industry providing cost-effective solutions to his client’s most challenging scopes.

John has been involved in many environmental cleanups around North America over the past 20 years providing technology and services to expedite the clean-up process while facilitating dynamic cost controls.

His primary focus is working with a team of client experience specialists developing relationships, determining his client’s needs and wants, and working them into a deliverable bundle of services.