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Why Use
Landshark Traffic?

At the Landshark Group of companies we safeguard everyone involved by ensuring our employees are provided with the tools, guidelines, training and supervision to safely handle all situations.

Our fully trained traffic technicians are completely versed in all MTO Book 7 protocols.

Regardless of your job, large or small, we can be trusted to meet your needs.

Our traffic solutions are based on all aspects of safe traffic control, ensuring the safety of our clients, our crews and the traveling public.

Efficient Traffic Solutions Guaranteed

Lane Closures / Shifting / Detours

Landshark Traffic Control technicians are trained to safely close any and all lanes that will be impacted by the work being conducted. We work hand in hand with the other crews on site in order to maintain a high level of safety, open communication and work standards which will meet the needs of our client and working personnel.


Our Traffic Control Technicians will ensure the smooth and safe transition of vehicle and pedestrian traffic through a work zone. We utilize radio communications between flaggers to maintain consistent communications between all working personnel.

Traffic Control / Management Plans

There are various types of Traffic Control & Management Plans. They can range from basic templates to the services of a professional engineer.

Traffic Plans are required to obtain “Road Occupancy Permits”.

At Landshark Traffic Services we have the Knowledge, Skills and Ability to prepare these plans which will meet your requirements in order that your project conforms to all standards for approval.

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