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At Landshark Traffic Services, we prioritize safety for all clients, crews, pedestrians, and drivers. Our team has the tools, training, and supervision to confidently handle any traffic control situation, from simple lane closures to complex multi-phase construction zones.

You can rest easy when our fully trained traffic technicians are in charge—we’re not simply versed in MTO Book 7 protocols but masters who work closely with the municipal government to guarantee project compliance and the safety of all personnel. We offer a wide range of traffic control services, from lane closures, detours, and flagging or signaling to traffic control plans, dependable traffic control equipment, and full permitting and regulatory compliance.

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Lane Closures, Shifting, & Detours

Our highly trained Landshark Traffic Control technicians expertly manage lane closures, shifting, and detours as your project requires. We prioritize safety for everyone involved, working closely with other crews on-site to ensure clear communication, maintain top-notch industry standards, and meet your project’s specific traffic control needs. We collaborate to minimize disruption and keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly for the simplest to the most complex projects.


Our Landshark Traffic Control technicians manage smooth and safe vehicle and pedestrian flow in your work zone. Our highly trained and experienced team utilizes reliable radio communication to ensure consistent information flow among all personnel on-site

Customized Traffic Control Plans

At Landshark’s traffic management company, we understand the complexities of traffic control plans because no two sites and road configurations are identical. You need a viable traffic plan to obtain a Road Occupancy Permit for your project’s full regulatory compliance. 

We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific project needs, from basic templates that adhere to regulations to comprehensive, customized plans developed by professional engineers. Whether your project requires a simple lane closure or a complex multi-phase construction zone, our expert team will guide you through every step of the process.

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Unparalleled Expertise & Diverse Portfolio

Our team of highly trained traffic control experts has extensive experience in safety-first traffic management, so you can focus on what matters most. With the knowledge and skills to handle complex traffic challenges, we use lane safe traffic control to keep traffic smoothly flowing so you can meet your project timelines.

Advanced Strategies & Customized Traffic Management Plans

We go beyond simple signage and cones, using traffic management software to develop and employ safe strategies. We customize traffic control plans to each unique situation to minimize disruption, maximize efficiency, and never compromise safety.

Safety-First Protocols & Environmental Responsibility

Our safety-first team culture means every technician adheres to rigorous industry standards and best practices. We ensure the well-being of workers, clients, pedestrians, and drivers while minimizing any adverse environmental impacts.

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With a comprehensive approach that covers all safety protocols and industry best practices, our clients often have plenty of questions about our traffic control services. Dive into our FAQ to learn more.

Construction zones interrupt the flow of regular traffic, creating hazards with the ability to cause harm. Some common hazards include disrupted traffic flow, heavy machinery movement, reduced visibility, debris and uneven surfaces, and extra workers in the area. At Landshark Traffic Services, we build traffic management plans to minimize risks, keep people safe, and manage your project workflows.

At Landshark Traffic Services, we create traffic management plans to help keep people safe and maintain full legal compliance. In Ontario, you must follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and the Manual of Standard Traffic Control Devices for Work on Roadways (MTO Book 7), including safe traffic management plans for relevant project sites. Fortunately, our traffic control company is well-versed in both. 

You need traffic control permits whenever you have a relevant impact on traffic that could increase the danger to the community. Contractors, municipalities or public works, and event organizers all need traffic control permits before they make any moves to divert or disrupt traffic.

Without traffic management, you risk causing major disruptions to traffic flow that could result in congestion, accidents, and even danger to workers, pedestrians, or drivers. From a regulatory standpoint, traffic management is your legal responsibility when your construction project or event disrupts it. By hiring traffic management companies, you put that responsibility into our trusted hands so you can focus on your project. 

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