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Exterior and Interior Utility Locating Services


Public Utility Locate Coordination – Private Utility Locates – Indoor Locates – Subsurface Utility Engineering – Underground Utility Mapping

Hidden hazards shouldn’t derail your project. At Landshark Locates, we’re proud members of the Ontario Regional Common Ground Association (ORCGA) and utilize their best practice techniques for locating buried utilities and maintaining safe project sites. We promote all excavation projects under the banner “Dig Safe,” prioritizing safety from start to finish.

Our expert team uses state-of-the-art equipment to safely navigate the complexities of both public and private locates through ORCGA best practices. Landshark Locates provides detailed site maps using U2 digital software, clearly identifying electrical, gas, sewer, water, and data utilities to avoid any subsurface hazards and manage progress

We manage everything so you don’t have to, including all necessary Ontario One Call locates by the way of Utility Locate Coordination, Private Utility Locates, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services.

Enjoy project certainty through comprehensive utility detection.

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From private utility locates to ground penetrating radar.

Public Locate Coordination

It can be time-consuming to deal with public utility locates in Ontario, but the Landshark Locates team takes that burden off your shoulders for a streamlined locate process. We’ll call Ontario One Call, manage the collection of the locates, and keep you in the loop on any updates or potential delays. Once it’s fully organized, we send the complete package to you, offering interpretation support to help get your project off the ground.

Private Utility Locates

At Landshark Locates our team of expert locators will utilize safe, non-destructive locating methods to see what’s below the surface. We can combine our public Utility Coordination and private locate services to provide you with the best experience and give you the piece of mind you need to complete your dig safely.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

The Landshark Locates team offers all four levels of SUE, providing a custom analysis of your project’s subsurface environment. We expertly combine data from public locates, private locates, and ground penetrating radar (GPR), which can be used to create valuable deliverables like CAD drawings or GIS-compatible maps. These services minimizes excavation risks and streamlines project timelines.

Public Utility Locate Validation

Keeping track of public utility locates can be a challenge, especially on complex, long-term projects. If you’re questioning the validity of public locates, Landshark Locates can give you peace of mind. Whether your paint marks need freshed or public locates expire, our skilled staff can review and explain your locate services and documentation.

Interior Locates

Indoor locates requires a more careful and thorough approach as many utilities are buried in floor slabs and other materials that cause signal distortion. Our expert location team uses GPR concrete scanning as part of its two-pronged approach to avoid rebar, live hydro lines, conduits, and more to give you full peace of mind. and give you full peace of mind.

Trace Wire Conductivity Testing

Trace wires are often buried alongside utilities during installation to make it easier for future workers to find those assets. At Landshark Locates, we use an advanced electromagnetic locating kit to verify that your trace wires are conductive and will function properly during inspections. This proactive approach prevents delays and potential safety hazards.

Flushing & CCTV Drain Inspections

Landshark Locates offers comprehensive Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections for sewer and storm drain pipe to confirm the integrity of your utility services. This technology allows for a detailed visual assessment of the pipe’s interior, revealing potential problems like cracks, blockages, and deterioration, delivering you an inspection report, complete with video footage and an engineering stamp of approval.

Our Technologies

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR is a cutting-edge, non-destructive geophysical technology that Landshark Locates uses to “look” underground. We can use this technology to send radar pulses into the ground, pinpointing the location of buried objects, changes in soil composition, and even voids or cracks in the right conditions.


The LMX-200 GPR is a non-destructive, push-behind unit that scans to depths of 20 feet to reveal hidden infrastructure like non-metallic pipes, electrical cables, storm and sewer systems, USTs, septic system components, utilities with failed tracer wires—we can even find non-utility service structures like vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads. 

Combining SUE with LMX-200 GPR data provides the most accurate picture of the subsurface, leading to better decision-making and cost savings

Concrete Scanning with GPR

Our Concrete Scanner is a specialized GPR unit designed to provide a clear image of objects inside concrete structures before cutting or coring. We use it to avoid any accidental damage to vital elements like conduits, post-tension cables, rebar, wire mesh, and current-carrying cables.

Why partner with Landshark Locates?

Unparalleled Expertise & Precision Locating

Our team of seasoned utility locating specialists has extensive field experience and an unwavering dedication to precision. At Landshark Locates, we leverage our expertise to find out what’s going on underground for a smoother excavation process.

Advanced Technologies & Detailed Mapping

We believe in setting our team and clients up for success, investing in cutting-edge locating equipment and advanced software to create detailed digital maps that pinpoint the exact location and depth of buried utilities, pipes, and more. You get minimal disruption and a streamlined excavation process.

Safety-First Protocols & Environmental Responsibility

Our safety-first culture follows all industry standards and environmentally-friendly best practices. Using our precise locating methods, we eliminate excavation risks and give you peace of mind for your project’s success.

Navigating the complexities of Utility Locating Services one inquiry at a time.

With a comprehensive approach that covers all safety protocols and industry best practices, our clients often have plenty of questions about our utility location processes. Dive into our FAQ to learn more.

Public utilities are owned by large utility providers and include the mass distribution network of services such as sanitation, water, gas, electricity, and communication connecting us together. Knowing the difference between public and private utilities can help you ensure safe and efficient excavation projects. While public locates are crucial, they only cover public utilities up to the demarcation point, usually situated on the outside of a house, building, property, or in maintenance and mechanical rooms. 

Utilities beyond the demarcation point are private, including: 

  • Lights or signs on the property 
  • Buried storage tanks and lines, including fuel tanks & water discharge tanks
  • Electrical lines to sheds or secondary buildings 
  • Sewer and septic tanks, systems, and piping 
  • Security cameras 
  • Automatic gates or parking kiosks 
  • Gas lines to bbqs or pool heaters 

For a complete picture, you need both public and private utility locating services to ensure a smooth and safe project.

Yes, it is illegal to perform any type of excavation in Ontario without having public utility locates (Ontario One Call). You will receive information regarding water mains, water service lines, sewer mains, stormwater pipes, encroachments, and other utilities like Hydro One, Bell Canada, and Enbridge Gas. 

Public locates are free through Ontario One Call, but private locates Ontario are not. 

Utility locates are valid for at least 60 days, though some infrastructure owners will offer longer timeframes. The validity expiration will be clearly indicated on the locate sheet sent to you.

Illuminate the path to safer excavation with utility location solutions.

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