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Landshark Environmental (LSE) is focused on hydro excavation, coring, test pitting, remediation technologies, In Situ injections, UST abandonment, spill cleanup, groundwater treatment, dewatering and associated services.

Efficient Environmental Solutions Guaranteed

Excess Soils Regulations/Liquid Soils

Landshark Environmental recognizes the challenges faced with the implementation of Ontario Regulation 406/19: On-site and Excess Soil Management (the regulation) outlines requirements related to the on-site processing of excavated soil or crushed rock, and the reuse and disposal of excess soil and liquid soils from project areas.

The Landshark Solidification processing unit was designed to efficiently mix a high-slump material (slurry) with a minimal amount of a secondary dry product, to create a by-product that has a low slump discharge. This by-product can now be handled as a “solid” material. Depending on the dry product used, characteristics of the “solid” by-product may lend to a secondary use or ease of disposal. The unit operates on a continuous process, not on a batch-type process, which allows for larger output at days end.

Test Pitting

Landshark Environmental test pitting services include hand dig, machine dig and air suction excavation capabilities. We specialize in environmental test pitting for delineation purposes as well as subsurface geotechnical investigation for footing confirmation or to provide opportunities for our clients to sample, test, and analyze subsurface materials such as soil, rock, and groundwater, and to record a representative log of the subsurface profile.To protect our clients and team members, complete shoring installations are utilized when entrance is required in an area greater than 47” deep.

Hydro Excavation

Landshark Environmental utilizes a fleet of 14 hydro excavators to provide air or water excavation service. Services include trenching, anode and shoring installation, boreholes, pole hole excavation, curb box replacements, plume delineation, water distribution, gas distribution, underground chambers, tree root protection and tank clean-outs.

Complete coring services to 18” along with backfill and core reinstatement services.


Landshark Environmental provides excavation services to remove environmentally impacted soils. The excavated soils are removed from the site and transported to a MOECC-licensed facility for disposal. The excavated site will then be reinstated with clean fill, compaction and final surface restoration.

We utilize excavators, backhoes, skid steers etc. operated by experienced operators who can cleanly and efficiently move soil. Project managers and field staff will ensure that projects go smoothly, safely and on budget.

Geotechnical or environmental test pitting services are available with machine of by hand for both interior and exterior locations.

Drilling Investigation and Waste T&D

Drilling Investigation Waste (DIW) is the water, soil and cuttings generated during drilling and sampling activities for the purpose of investigating a geotechnical site or a potentially contaminated site. Management of DIW is essential due to the requirements of provincial and federal regulations.

Landshark Environmental (LSE) offers turnkey management of DIW with both our drilling and technical services. This provides you with a streamlined procurement while we handle all the details.

At LSE, we understand the complexity of DIW management and the importance of maintaining compliance in a complicated regulatory landscape. We provide a single point of contact for cradle-to-grave management of bulk and drum waste including RPRA registration, manifesting, transportation, and disposal across Ontario.

Landshark Environmentals’ fleet of drum, crane and roll off trucks allows us to offer same day/night drum service for those sites that just can’t have drums sitting for a scheduled milk run pickup. Equipped with a Hiab crane, access, safety, and efficiency will be its benchmark. The service is available across Ontario.

Drum services include less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload pick-ups. Bulk services include soil bins, frac tanks, dump trucks, hydro ex and vacuum trucks.

Our waste management experts work closely with each client to identify the right options to meet your project goals.

Water Treatment

Landshark Environmental (LSE) sells and rents Water, Soil, Vapor Removal, and associated treatment Systems. LSE provides cost-effective solutions for your most challenging problems associated with most industrial and remedial processes. LSE not only supplies solutions for the problems you are facing today but with the ever-changing regulatory climate, has solutions for tomorrow.

Pre-packaged Remediation Systems
All systems are designed to your site-specific requirements. Each system is pre-wired, plumbed and tested prior to delivery to your site. These systems can either be skid, container, custom building, or trailer mounted. Explosion-proof designs are also available.

Telecommunications and Controls
Let the design engineers bring your control panel into the 21st century with its advanced communication system. SCADA and Telemetry full remote automation.

PFOS-PFOA Treatment

Landshark treats groundwater, surface water and municipal water supply contaminated with PFAS.


To provide Canadians, including the most sensitive populations, with a margin of protection from a lifetime of exposure to PFOA and PFOS from drinking water, Health Canada established the health advisory levels. This health advisory level offers a margin of protection for everyone throughout their life from adverse health effects resulting from exposure to PFOA and PFOS in drinking water.

Suspected Effects of Long Term Exposure

  • Affects the developing fetus and child, including possible changes in growth, learning, and behaviour.
  • Decrease fertility and interfere with the body’s natural hormones,
  • Increase cholesterol,
  • Affect the immune system, and
  • Increase cancer risk.


Landshark Environmental utilizes ion exchange between a solid substance (resin) and an aqueous solution. We are having the best treatment results (<5 ppt)discharge with a proprietary resin providing the dual removal mechanism of ion exchange and adsorption technology built into each bead for maximum uptake of PFASs. Water treated with this resin will consistently achieve non-detectable levels of both short- and long chain PFASs—including PFOA and PFOS—that are well below the current Health Advisory recommendations.

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