Require a Water Well in Ontario?

Need a Water Well? The Landshark Group is here to help, specializing in drilling wells and installing any manner of water systems and pumps for residential applications throughout South-Central Ontario.

Landshark understands that a reliable source of clean water for households and businesses is of paramount importance – be sure to rely on a professional water well drilling contractor with state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to providing high-quality well drilling services to meet your needs.

The Landshark Group will always promote responsible water management by adhering to environmental regulations and best practices by implementing measures to prevent contamination, minimize environmental impact during drilling operations, and ensure the proper disposal of drilling waste.

With an experienced team, let our team assess your water requirements, recommend the best solution, and expertly install your well with precision and care.

Let the Landshark Group take you through the Act and Regulation of Water Well construction in the Province of Ontario.

Regulations and Acts:
  • Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA): The OWRA is the primary legislation governing the management and protection of Ontario’s water resources. It outlines the regulations related to water abstraction, licensing, well construction and decommissioning, and protection of groundwater quality. As a water well contractor, compliance with the OWRA is crucial to ensure responsible and sustainable water well installations.
  • Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA): TSSA is a regulatory body responsible for enforcing safety standards in various industries, including the drilling sector. Under TSSA, contractors are required to obtain permits and adhere to regulations related to well construction, pump installations, and pressure systems. Compliance ensures the safety and reliability of water well systems.
  • Ontario Regulation 903 (Water Well Regulation): This regulation provides detailed guidelines for the construction, maintenance, and abandonment of water wells. It covers aspects such as well design, casing and grouting requirements, sealing of abandoned wells, and the use of licensed well drillers and pump installers.
  • Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP): The MECP oversees the protection and management of Ontario’s environment. They administer programs related to water quality, source protection, and well water testing. It is important for water well contractors to be aware of MECP guidelines and participate in water testing and protection initiatives.

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