From Vision to Values

Insight from Dean Gough - Founder of Landshark Group

I was recently asked where our statement of Core Values came from. Initially, I thought it was a strange question then realized that the question was not about “what” were our core values, but how we came about defining them.

So here it is;
About 25 years ago I owned a franchised restoration business and served as the Canadian franchisee president. Canada was one of twelve North American districts and we met twice a year to discuss the relevant trends and ideas of the day. While attending one of these meetings in Atlanta, I had the pleasure of listening to our most successful Franchisee, a remarkable individual from Nebraska. I approached him on a meeting break to ask a few questions and was immediately shut down with a “This is not the time or the place”! It was a response that seemed uncharacteristic of the person whom I had listened to expelling his thoughts and wisdom on building a successful business.

Back in my office days later, I replayed the encounter with my business partner at the time. Eventually, we decided that I should call him. We had been experiencing growing pains as relatively novice business owners and as I have learned over the years – you can never stop learning!

I found his number in our franchisee directory and dialled – wondering just where this call might be taking me! Then, with only a momentary delay I was greeted with “Dean, I have been waiting for your call. Are you ready to build your business?” Too surprised to process the statement I instinctively blurted “Yes” and he went on to say he was available on Thursday the following week! The conversation lasted only a minute or two but days later we found ourselves on a plane to Omaha!

Even today, 25 years later, I still review many of our issues according to these four simple principles to understand where we failed to uphold our Core Values.

Every one of these Core Values you Learned in Kindergarten!

  1. Show Up on Time
  2. Do What You Say You Are Going to Do
  3. Finish What You Start
  4. Say Please and Thank You