At the Landshark Group we believe in giving back to the communities that made us what we are today through our commitment to culture, community support and the sacrifice of others.

Our commitment goes beyond words with a portion of the proceeds raised through specifically branded equipment going directly to our valued armed service members through Wounded Warriors Canada and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Society (RCNBS). Additionally, we support both Prostate Cancer Canada and Autism Canada because both have had life changing impacts on the Landshark family.

As a community minded partner – from sponsorships of sports teams and children’s’ programs to local non-profit organizations – the Landshark Group understands that a strong community is good for everyone.

Wounded Warriors Canada

2020 Western Star Hydro X outfitted to look like a P40 War hawk.

This 2021 Rival T10 model was chosen to provide both water and air excavation capabilities while maintaining a reduced foot print – and it will not be hard to spot!

Military in concept, dressed in homage to the P40 Warhawk honoring Wounded Warriors Canada. The program is a national mental health service provider utilizing clinical best practices and evidence-informed care to create an environment of compassion, resiliency and hope for Canada’s Veterans, First Responders, and their families.
For every hour of operation for this truck, a % of the revenue will be donated to the WWC program.


Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Society

2021 Western Star Hydro X outfitted in appearance to the Halifax Class frigate HMCS Regina.

This 2021 Tornado F4 has superior hydro-excavation abilities and serves homage to the Royal Canadian Navy | Marine Royale Canadienne and the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Society.

Adorned as the HMCS Regina with its retro naval camouflage (aka dazzle), this Halifax class frigate assigned to MARPAC is home ported at CFB Esquimalt.

The “Bravo Zulu” flags reference a naval signal conveyed by hoisted flags meaning “Well Done” on a successful deployment and outstanding performance while returning to port. The RCNBS supports those who have served or are currently serving with the Canadian Armed Forces and their dependents with financial assistance.

A percentage of every hour of operation of this unit is proudly used to support the Royal Canadian Naval Benevolent Society (RCNBS).

Prostate Cancer Canada

2021 Western Star Hydro-X outfitted in colour in support of Prostate Cancer Canada

This is a 2021 Rival T7 set-up for easy maneuverability in the downtown core to provide daylighting services.

“If we identify high-risk prostate cancer earlier, we can treat it sooner and save more lives. Your support is critical.” – Dr Keith Jarvi, CCS-funded researcher. Nearly 100% of people with prostate cancer will survive at least 5 years after their diagnosis … if the cancer is caught early.

For every hour of operation for this truck, a % of the revenue will be donated to the PCC program.

Autism Canada

This drill crew based in Milton Ontario provides both geo-technical and environmental drilling services across Southwestern Ontario.

With a history rich in education, advocacy, support and an unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals and their families, Autism Canada is the amalgamation of the Autism Society Canada and the Autism Canada Foundation.

Members realized that by joining together, they could build one strong organization to support the Canadian autism community and is the only Canadian autism advocacy organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing those with ASD, their families.