Landshark Group


  • Immense growth!

    Were hiring in ALL aspects of our business.

    • Hydro Excavation - HydroX Operators (Experienced) & Assistants
    • Utility Locators (Experienced)
    • Drillers Environmental & Geotechnical (Experienced)
    • Driller Assistants – Have a strong work Ethic? Train to become a driller!
    • Admin Staff (Must be able to attend our Main Office in Brantford)
    • Traffic Service Project Managers and Staff (Book 7 Experienced)
    • Environmental Remediation Project Manager

    Send your resume/CV

    Please provide a summary of who you are in your email. Explain why you’d like to work for us and how you plan to progress your career over the next 3-5 years.

    Employee’ goals are important to us. These goals help us better understand how motivated & driven you are. At Landshark we consider these values to be key components of success.