Be Your Own Boss

Are you ready to start the journey to the empowerment of being in business?

It requires more than just a desire to be self employed to reap of the benefits of such an investment. This is a minimum time investment of at least 5 years while you work to pay off your drilling equipment to realize the substantial cash flow that can be made once it is paid for. This requires your personal commitment to providing a superior customer experience, on every job, every day!

Everyone thinks being in business is about more time off, taking more $$$ home and often picking and choosing your projects – and it certainly can be! But you must have invested yourself into your business to earn those benefits.

This is not just a monetary or time investment, it will require a change of attitude, a commitment to putting the client first AND accepting that the future gain requires a short-term sacrifice to earn those benefits.

Still think you have what it takes?

Landshark can take you there!

  • Landshark will help you Empower your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Landshark can Provide the training support you need to build your success.
  • Landshark can Facilitate an independent working environment.
  • Landshark can Enable the financial start up support you need.

At Landshark Drilling, our owner-operators have played a key role in our success. Enjoy the benefits of partnering with a team that offers the administration, mentoring, financing, and logistical support to keep you growing. Contact Landshark Drilling today to learn more about how you can own your own rig, take more $$$ home and build your business under the Landshark Drilling banner.

Let us turn your entrepreneurial spirit into a successful business!