Bawaadan Landshark LP

Bawaadan Landshark LP is a specialty services company specializing in Geotechnical, Environmental, and Geothermal Drilling, Hydro-excavation, Environmental Remediation, Utility Locating, and Traffic Control Services. The partnership will enhance and foster economic development within First Nations communities through our services to the Energy, Civil Construction, Environmental and Mining sectors in Ontario.

The Bawaadan landshark LP is a signal of cooperation of many First Nation/Indigenous owned businesses that are willing and able to compete in the market, while providing social and economic value back to our communities.

The Landshark Group of Companies, with its head office in Brantford, Ontario, services much of the Province of Ontario with additional bases in North Bay, Barrie, Toronto, Tilbury and Thunder Bay. The partnership of Bawaadan and Landshark, with a 51/49% ownership respectively, is committed to furthering equity and opportunity for First Nation peoples.

Each party of the Bawaadan-Landshark LP bring unique strengths to the table which form the backbone of the commitment to Indigenous economic development. With the provision of training and opportunity in the skilled trade specialties of the Landshark Group. By leveraging the expertise of the Landshark Group and Bawaadan, the company aims to create a more inclusive and sustainable future for Indigenous communities.

Bawaadan-Landshark LP – Indigenous Engagement Initiative:

  1. Empowering Indigenous Employees: Dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment, fostering professional growth and development for Indigenous employees.
  2. Community Collaboration: Bawaadan Landshark LP acknowledges the importance of community collaboration through partnerships with local Indigenous communities and the progress of infrastructure development. By providing training and employment opportunities, the company seeks to enhance the involvement of Indigenous community members in the various sectors where it operates.
  3. Supplier Diversity: Bawaadan Landshark LP recognizes the value of supplier diversity, and this partnership is intended specifically to meet the needs of Ontario’s growing demand for Indigenous involvement and inclusion.