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    Landshark Group

    Why Landshark Group?

    Landshark Group has been expanding our services to better address the needs of our clients.

    Landshark Drilling (LSD) provides specialized applications of environmental and geotechnical drilling methods, including direct push drilling, to assist consultants with investigation, monitoring, and remediation of soil and groundwater pollution. With 13 new rigs in service Landshark Drillings offerings include auger drilling, rock and soil coring, air rotary, mud rotary, packer testing, gas probes and monitoring wells installations, injection well installations, well maintenance, and decommissioning. Limited access drilling with our latest rigs allows us to deliver coring, blow counts and augering capabilities with a clearance requirement of 6 feet. Drilling spoils and purge water collection, transportation and disposal are all part of our growing service capabilities.

    Landshark Locates (LSL) provides private underground utility locating services, which identify and mark underground utilities such as telephone, electric, natural gas, cable TV and water lines prior to drilling services performed by our crews. Landshark also offers the service of public locate coordination.

    Landshark Environmental (LSE) is focused on hydro excavation, coring, test pitting, remediation technologies, In Situ injections, UST abandonment, spill cleanup, groundwater treatment, dewatering and associated services. LSE supplies rental treatment systems to address PFOS/PFOA groundwater contamination as well as complete In Situ and Ex Situ injection services across Ontario.

    Landshark Traffic Services (LST) offers traffic solutions that are based on all aspects of safe traffic control, ensuring the safety of our clients, our crews and the traveling public.